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Jeff Gordon #24
Has Won the Following Races in
He has now won
7 NASCAR Races

# Track   Race Comments:
1 Daytona   He put #3 in the wall, then passed Elliott
on the apron of the track to get by.
2 Rockingham   Jarrett kicked everybody's but for the whole race,
but after the last caution, Gordon was magically
the fastest car and won the race.
7 Bristol   Hit Rusty on the Last turn to take the win.
8 Martinsville   #23 spun him and he still wins
12 Charlotte   Came from the back of the field to win.
14 Pocono   Got a flat tire, went to the back of the
field almost a lap down and still wins.
16 California   In the last half of the race his car again Magically became the
fastest one. He got better gas mileage then anyone else to win...


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