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Andrew Hood

Why I hate Jeff Gordon;

First of all he graduated High School. He makes Eardhardt look like a fool,

he wins all the time, he is too damn good, makes me think Earnhardt is too

old to race, races too clean, wears a regular (full face helmet). He will

prabably win 8 championships before Earnhardt. He's so good at such a young

age it makes me think Earnhardt should retire!!! He makes me worry about

Petty's all time record of 200 wins.(And Gordon's would ALL be on

PAVEMENT)!! No beaches, no dirt tracks) and with more than one car running

at the same speed. But most of all, I hate Gordon because he EARNED his ride

in Winston Cup. He came up through the sprint car (real race car) ranks.

He didn't get a car and just go racing because his name was Jarrett,

Allison, Marlin, Waltrip, Bodine, Wallace, or even, dare I say it Earnhole.

Other than that, I think Gordon is kind of cool.