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Most Nascar1/2 links made possible by Jonathan Bright owner of The Yellow Flag

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Nascar Drivers Official HomePages -Rusty Wallace's Official Homepage -Jeff Gordon's Official Homepage -Ricky Craven's Official Homepage -Ricky Rudd's Official Homepage -Chad Little's Official Homepage -Darrel Waltrip's Official Homepage -Derrike Cope's Official Homepage -Team Penske's Official Homepage -Joe Gibbs Racing Online

Nascar Drivers Unofficial HomePages -Ward Burton's Unofficial HomePage -Ted Musgrave's Unofficial HomePage -Dick Trickle's Unofficial HomePage -Kenny Wallace's Unofficial HomePage

Nascar Driver Fanclubs -Jimmy Spencer's Fanclub -Jeff Gordon's Fanclub

Nascar Links

Personal pages:

Bill's NASCAR home page
BMR Racing home page
Boxman's NASCAR home page
Eric Busch's NASCAR Racing setups page
Michael Carver's AutoSim Page
Chris' NASCAR Racing web page
Dan's NASCAR Racing page
Garrett's NASCAR Racing Page
Haywire Racing's home page
Hoser's NASCAR Racing page
Indy's NASCAR Racing Simulator page
Integra's NASCAR Racing pit stop
Jaguar's NASCAR Racing page
Kenneth's racing web page
Alex Koziol's NASCAR Racing home page
Leo and Shannon's car page
Lingenberg's Motorsports page
LJA's stock car page
Michael's NASCAR links
Michigan Monte's NASCAR page
MotorCity 4086's NASCAR Racing page
NASCAR - ICR II Grand Central Station
The NASCAR network
Patrick's NASCAR2 page
Pitroad web page
Randy's NASCAR Racing home page
Rob's NASCAR page
Sean's NASCAR Racing Sim Support Site
Sierra's NASCAR2 site
Sim Racing news (US site)
Sim Racing news (UK site)
Skarekrow's Motorsports page
SkullCrusher's NASCAR Page
Teflon's Unofficial NASCAR Racing league
Ty's NASCAR Racing page
Velocity Motorsports
Wally's World of driving simulators

Nascar 1/2 Links
Inside Online Racing - A online mag about the results of Nass'97 races
Simspeed - Your Place for Racing Sims! Soon to be the best Sim Site on the web! Over 530 cars!
The Pits (United States) - Awesome Utilities
The Pits (United Kingdom) - Mirror Site of The Pits
The Pits (European Site) - Mirror Site of The Pits
Ted's NASCAR Page - Well done page
The Racin' Page
SimRacing Online - Your one-stop shop for everything sim racing, Car Sets, Utilities, News, Reviews
IWCCCARS Project - Winston Cup Cars which weren't included in the game.
Sim Racing News
Steve's NASCAR 2 Page - Very nice page! Lots of Cars, Utilities, and add-ons.
Michael Peterson's NASCAR 2 Page
Michael Peterson's Car Painting 101 - Very Helpful Car Painting Tips!
Computer Simulation Games - excellent site on all types of simulations!
Spyder's NASCAR Racing Page
Turn 4
Greg's NASCAR Racing 2 Page
Castle Graphics - Racing and other images, suitable for web sites.
Sandman's Page- Excellent page, with many racing links
JRC BHG Motorsports Team Page
Mike's NASCAR World
Auto Sim
Pieter's GrandPrix 2 Homepage
The Fast Lane
Randy's NASCAR and NASCAR 2 Page
Web Racing
Grover's body shop - Cars
Mike Grandy's NASCAR page- Check out the NASS96 champ's setups
Eric Busch's Web Page- Setups
Bill Cranston's NASCAR page - Setups
Screamin' 3D World - Info on 3D and Rendition accelerator cards
Alex's NASCAR Pit Shop
Richard's NASCAR Racing 2 Pit Shop
One Stop Strategy
Leo and Shannon's Car Page
R & J Racing's NASCAR Shop
R & J Racing's Nascar Garage
Hangin' 5 NASCAR Page
Brian's Home Page & Sim Site
Matt's NASCAR Racing 2 Homepage
g24fan6734's N2 Page
JKRacing Homepage & FSCIOS Offline League
Racer to Racer
Raceworld - Motorsports Engineering
Larry's NASCAR Modifieds

Racing Leagues:

NASS '97 - NASCAR 1 Offline Racing League.
NORS2 '97 - NASCAR 2 Offline Racing League.
NorthWest Simulation Tour '97 - NASCAR 1 Offline Racing League.
NASCAR 2 LAN Racing - LAN Racing with N2.
Where to Race - You want to race the Internet? This *IS* the site.
The Internet Video Gamers Association. (IVGA).
IVL Simulated Winston Cup Stock Car Racing Series
Indycar 2 Hawaii
IndyThunder Circuit
Internet Touring Car Championship - Uses the "other" tracks to provide a Touring Car feel
Checkered Flag Driver's Series
Stock Car Checkered Flag Championship
Internet Checkered Flag Series
ISCCS simulator series
Hawaii Sportscenter
National Head to Head Race Series
Ted's NASCAR IRMUL modem racer's page
Tidewater NASCAR modem series
IGN Racing Division
Fantasy Stock Car Racing Series
Night Owls MP Online Series

NASCAR Racing Pages (non sim)

Company Sites:
Yahoo - Auto Racing Simulation. - Auto Racing Simulation. - Good starting place.
Papyrus's home page - Get to Papyrus direct.
Papyrus's ftp site - Where to get the latest updates.
Sierra's Home Page - Sierra Online
Thomas steering wheel page - Makers of the Thomas Super Wheel
Thrustmaster- Inc. - Makers of the T2 wheel and pedals
Tri-Star Industries - Sponser for the Team

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