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NASCAR Racing 1/2 Utilities

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Updated 06/12/97

The NASCAR Racing 2 version 1.03 Patch to upgrade the patched version 1.02 is HERE!!! ("The Patch for the Patch!") - must have v. 1.02 patch installed.

There are two patches out. One to upgrade each version of the game that was distributed by Sierra.
To figure out which Version you have you need to put the CD in the drive and click on install and the w/right button click any where in the black and setup.exe will come up. it will tell you if you have or . If you have you need V1.01. if you have you need V1.00

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  File Name Description Author
  Patches/Updates Below is a list of patches for the game.  
  Nascar 2 Demo Download the Nascar 2 Demo here (about 7mb but worth the wait) Sierra/Papyrus
  NEW NASCAR 2 Patch for Patched Version 1.02 Patch to upgrade The patched version 1.02 to version 1.03. Must have v. 1.02 patch installed.. Sierra/Papyrus
NASCAR 2 Patch for Version 1.00 Patch to upgrade N2 to version 1.02. This patch is for those who have the N2 version 1.00.. Sierra/Papyrus
  NASCAR 2 Patch for Version 1.01 Patch to upgrade N2 to version 1.02. This patch is for those who have the N2 version 1.01.. Sierra/Papyrus
Cockpit Patches Cockpit patches that change a few things in your cockpit. Aaron Gunther
  Track Qualify Save Patch There is an error in the TRrack Setup screen that does not allow you to save your Qualifying setup as "Qualify.stg." Instead you're prompted to overwrite your "Ace" setup. This small patch fixes that.. Gary Champagne
  686 Cyrix chip to Intel Allows users of the Cyrix chip to run NASCAR 2. Run before running NASCAR 2. Pedro Correia
NASCAR 2 AI update for Talladega NASCAR 2 AI update for Talladega. Tom Hansen
NASCAR 2 AI update for Dover Updates the poor AI at Dover in NASCAR 2. Tom Hansen
  1997 Patch for NASCAR II Changes race dates to say "1997" instead of "1996". Gary Champagne
NASCAR 2 track/race logos This patch updates numerous logos for NASCAR Racing 2. Brian Fox
NASCAR 2 Trackfix kit Track.txt files for NASCAR 2, already with the full field fix, Atlanta Bug fix, and mirrors fix.. Rodney Arndt
N2 Track Logos for 97 Season The logos for the tracks for the '97 Season. Good job by Dave. Dave "The Hammer" Upson
  Charlotte color fix for N2 After the patches came out, some people have had problems with the Charlotte track colors. This patch takes care of that. Neil Jedrzejewski
  N2 Programs Below is a list of usefull programs for Nascar sims.  
N2 Replay Telemetry program This program allows you to import N2 replays, and then view them as a 2 dimensional graph. You can then save them as telemetry files. Excellent for checking your best lap times. Windows 3.1 version here. Christopher Lund
NASCAR II Headquarters for Win95 NASCAR II HQ is an excellent program for NASCAR II, allowing you to edit drivers, setups, track info, race settings, all from a convenient window. Download Windows 3.1 version. Go to Dane's Page Dane Johnson
  Data Link Library for N2HQ Getting those "missing msvcrt40.dll" errors when installing N2HQ? Here's the files... Jack Mathews
  N2 HQ Information page A link to the N2HQ main page.  
  NASCAR 2 season editor Allows you to edit and modify the season in NASCAR 2. Michael C. Patrick
NASCAR I > NASCAR II setup converter Allows you to convert your setups from NASCAR I to NASCAR II...may require some additional tweaking for the setup. David Sparks
  DOS NASCAR 2 driver randomizer This is a DOS driver randomizer.This randomizer allows you to set the strengths of each driver depending on track type and give them a percentage of how likely they are to have a bad day. Tom Hansen
NASCAR2 Stat Compiler Jeff Has done it again, only this time for NASCAR2. Using.STN files this program keeps track of all your racing statistics, Very Nice Jeff Copperthite
  Other Tools/Files Below is a list of other tools/Info that may be found useful.  
  Talladega Pit Crash Fix An edited track text file for those who have been crashed in the pits by computer controlled cars.. Gary Champagne
  Tire Screech ! (42k) Changes the tire screeching in N2 to the old Nascar 1 sound. Chas Bornemann
  World Of Outlaw Backgrounds (579k) Whoa, Wiley Coyote is at it again. Turning an asphalt game into a mud bowl. His first attempt - Nascar 2 driver backgrounds of your favorite WOO drivers. Guys like Kinser, Haudenschild and more Unknown
  Pontiac to Dodge Conversion A utility that replaces the Pontiac symbol on the DRIVER INFO screen with the Dodge logo.. Matt Roosa
  NASCAR Racing 2 Palette Fix There has been a problem with the palette when importing new pcx files into NASCAR 2. There are certain colors that exist in the exported cars palette, but when imported, these colors are clear, but appear as white. Alex Samantonio
  NASCAR Racing 2 Demo NASCAR 2 Demo;Pentium system with 16 megs of RAM required.Includes Atlanta and Watkins Glen tracks. Papyrus
  NASCAR 2 demo editor This utility enables damage, random breakdowns, and yellow flags in the NASCAR 2 demo. Neil Jedrzejewski
  JRC's N2 Spotter sound file (2meg) Another voice as your spotter Jeff Copperthite
  N2 Incar Dash Color Changer (3043k) This is excellent...DOS program, allows you to go into the car and change the dash color and gauges. Simple, works great. Mark Turner
  Colored backgrounds for driver's pics (240k) Colored backgrounds to allow you to customize your driver's picts in NASCAR 2. Eric Busch
  Graphics for the Paintkit, NASCAR II NASCAR II version is here! Better graphics for the paintkit in NASCAR II. Includes decals for The Pits!. Mark Turner
  Dat file pack/unpacker Want to check out what's in those .dat files? Here's the tool! Corey Rueckheim Keep track of the NASCAR standings yourself. This utility is written in EXCEL 5.0 and is simple to use. I'll try and keep it up to date for each race and download it every week. Can be used in Windows 3.1 or Windows95 with EXCEL 6.0 Ted D. Scurlock

Nascar Racing Track Converters


File Name Description Author
Indy Converter (153k) Converts Indianapolis from Nascar 1 version to Indy Car 2 version. Alex Santantonio
brickyrd.exe Converts Indianapolis so that it will work in ICR 2 and in NASCAR Racing Gerhard Lingenberg
icr2nas.exe Convert tracks from ICR2 to NASCAR Racing Gerhard Lingenberg Track utility for converting NASCAR(1) tracks for use with ICR2. Includes text help file Gerhard Lingenberg


File Name Description Author
Graphical 3do Editor (47k) This is a graphical 3do editor by . You need some experience with x-y-z axis too be able to use it effectively. Marcelo Bassino
Tools.Zip (134k) The necessary tools to start editing your own track. Zipped by Alex Santantonio. Corey Ruecksheim

Nascar Racing 2 Cockpits

  Drivers These cockpits are very cool, if you've never used em download them now! Author
  Click on the driver to view a shot. Click on Car # to get the cockpit.  
  Jeff Gordon Change your N2 cockpit to that of the #24 Dupont Chevy Bill Hutson
  Dale Earnhardt Change your N2 cockpit to that of the #3 GM Goodwrench Chevy Bill Hutson
  Rusty Wallace Change your N2 cockpit to that of the #2 Miller Ford Bill Hutson
  Bill Elliott Change your N2 cockpit to that of the #94 McDonalds Ford Bill Hutson
  Sterling Marlin Change your N2 cockpit to that of the #4 Kodak Film Chevy Bill Hutson
  Ricky Rudd Change your N2 cockpit to that of the #10 Tide Ford Bill Hutson
  Rickey Craven Change your N2 cockpit to that of the #25 Budweiser Chevy Bill Hutson
  Mike Skinner Change your N2 cockpit to that of the #31 Lowe's Chevy Bill Hutson
  Darrell Waltrip Change your N2 cockpit to that of the #17 Parts America Chevy Bill Hutson
  Dale Jarrett Change your N2 cockpit to that of the #88 Quality Care Ford Bill Hutson
  Kyle Petty Change your N2 cockpit to that of the #44 Hotwheels Pontiac Ford Bill Hutson

Nascar Racing 1 Utilities

File Name Description Author
Nascar 1 Patch (1033kb) Upgrades Nascar 1 to v 1.21 fixing several problems. Papyrus An updated calendar for 1997 that includes all the races for this year  
dov_con.exe Converts the Dover track to the new concrete surface Neil Jedrzejewski & Tom Hansen
Dover Grip Patch (31k) This utility actually alters the track file so the computer reads the surface as concrete not as asphalt and is a must have for anyone who has used the concrete patch from The Pits. Chasman
nasnit.exe Run your NASCAR 1 races at night Rich Nagel
tallyai.exe Talladega AI fix. Allows cars to run 2 & 3 wide, even in the turns Tom Hansen
DOS NASCAR setup viewer Allows you to view/print/save-to-file single or multiple car setups. David Sparks
Cross Weight Calculator (20k) Figure out your cross weight Rich Cole
Nascar 1 Setup Editor (403k) This program will let you view several Nascar 1 setups at once, edit and print them. Bill Opila
Nascar 1 Driver Editor (78k) This program will let you Nascar 1 drivers settings. Chris Mahnken
California Start up screen (48k) For Nascar 1. This utility changes the start up screen for Michigan to California. Chasman
Texas Start up screen (133k) For Nascar 1. This utility changes the start up screen for Charlotte to Texas. Chasman
Unocal 76 (39k) Changes all those balls in Nascar1 to Unocal 76 Balls Alex Santantonio
Save game (19k) Allows you to save your config, pcx and season files Unknown
Arrow Head Speedway Grip Patch This utility enhances the Arrowhead Speedway (Alex Santantonio) by completing the change over to a dirt surface. Now the computer will see the surface as dirt not as asphalt. Chasman
Arrowhead Dirt Patch (30kb) The original dirt patch created by Alex. You must have it for the new dirt patch to be useful.  
Arrowhead Night Patch (2kb) Converts Arrowhead for night time racing  
Seconds Converter (47k) Convert mph to seconds for use in the track.txt file Larry Abels

Indycar Racing II Utilities

File Name Description Author
INDY AI FIX [10k] This patch allows the computer cars to use the pit exit lanes instead of exiting the pits right into the track. Joachim Boddeker
ICR2 HQ [2.4mb] Allows you to change most of the games options from within Windows. Win 95 version. Dane Johnson
ICR2 HQ Update [259k] Updates ICR2 HQ to v1.1.05 Dane Johnson
1997 ICR2 Calendar Based on the 1997 CART Season. Some races such as Homestead and Gateway were replaced with other tracks. See readme.txt file. Unknown
ICR2 Patch Upgrade to v. 1.02 of Indy Car Racing 2. Papyrus
Indy Car Patch This patch fixes the udersteer and yellow flag bugs. Sierra
Indy Car Patch This patch fixes the understeer and yellow flag bugs on the full hard drive install. Sierra
Indy Car Patch This patch upgrades to version 1.04. If you have the track pack you already have this version. Sierra
Indy Car 2 Rendition patch Allows for use of rendition graphics cards. Sierra
Win 95 ICR2 Patch Allows use of ICR2 under Windows 95. Sierra
READ ME FILES See this before downloading above patches. This will explain which patch you need Sierra
Icr2 Sound Patch [43k] This little utility will give your Indy Cars the roar of the Nascar V-8's !!! Wiley E Coyote
Indy Randomizer [21k] randomize driver settings Unknown
AI UPDATE [661k] Makes the ICR2 cars drive like indy cars, not stock cars on converted tracks. Unknown
Setopt11 [5k] Change the number of cars you can have in a car set. Now run with 40 ! Marcelo Bassino

Paintkit Utilities

File Name Description Author
PaintShop Pro If you're going to do any kind of graphics work including painting your own cars, you absolutely need PaintShop Pro. I've painted cars, created logo's and modified graphics with this handy tool JASC
Paint Ask (14k) This nifty little paintkit accessory will allow you to choose which car set to edit from a menu. Author Unknown
Modified Race Car Template (4k) Nascar 1 Modified Race Car Template - Original by Larry Abels Larry Abels/Wiley Coyote
Car Set Builder v2.1 (225k) Allows you to build a N1 car set from scratch Marcelo Bassino
Car Painting 101 An excellent tutorial on using PaintShop Pro and painting cars. If you've never painted a car or even if you're a pro, this will be of great help Mike Peterson
Pkassist.exe Contains pallates, helpful hints, and color pads for retrieving valid colors for N1 and N2. Use with PaintShop Pro and other graphics programs. MUST HAVE if you're painting your own cars Chris Frederick
template.EXE Templates for painting your own cars. All makes of cars and trucks included IWCCCARS Modified Template. Create your own modifieds Larry Abels A collection of 1997 Car/Truck Templates The Pits A collection of various templates and decals collected by the Chasman Various A collection of decals for PaintKit Mark Turner
Myicons2.exe A collection of decals for use in Paintkit for NASCAR 2 Mark Turner NASCAR Racing 2 Chevrolet Template Mike Peterson NASCAR Racing 2 Ford Template Mike Peterson NASCAR Racing 2 Pontiac Template IWCC
Paintkit Screens Brian has created some great replacemnt screens for the Painkit startup. Check them out Brian Fox
Decals WOW If you want some excellent decals for your cars, you need to check these pages out  
Painkit Patch (ICR2) [211k] Fixes the problem of the yellow line appearing on the car in ICR2 Papyrus

Miscellaneous Info / Tools

File Name Description Author
T1 Spring Fix Having problems with broken T1 springs? Here's the fix! Keith Bolin
Paintkit Assistant Paintkit assistant is a document written on how to create excellent lookingcars using the Paintkit with other freeware utilities. Palattes included. Chris Frederick
NASCAR2 kit Various text files for NASCAR to fix the mirrors, how to fix the Atlanta pit bug, and how to import PCXs into the paintkit.. Various authors
Gold Wave [466k] This is a very good utility for editing the raw sound files in Nascar 1 and Indy Car 2. You can also convert them to wav format and vise-versa. Chris Craig
NoiseMaster 2.0 [117k] This utility allows you to edit the raw sound files in Nascar 1 and Indy Car 2. Alwin Hoogerdijk
STG2HTML v1.2 (43k) A simple utility to convert setups from ICR2 to a set of HTML-pages. Use on a web site to show and compare setups Joachim Boeddeker
3DOTOOLS (47k) Various 3do tools. Includes an editor that allows you to change the shapes of the 3do files contained in ICR2's *.DAT files (cars, tracks, etc). Marcelo Bassino
3DO_UTIL (54k) Various 3do tools. Allows you to convert the 3do format into an ASCII text file for viewing in GLView. Handy for looking over what you've edited. Gerhard Lingenberg
EDITRPY v3.4 (138K) This file allows you edit and review the data within a replay file. Works with ICR2 and N1. Includes text help file Michael Corrigan
GARAGE (133K) This file allows you to alter, save, and print setups. For use with ICR1, ICR2, and N1 (works with converted tracks). Includes text help file. Ian Withycombe
MERGERPY (71K) This file allows you to merge several replays together to make one long one. Works with ICR2 and N1. Includes text help file Michael Corrigan

Nascar Windows 95 Themes

File Name Description Author
Pitslogo.exe Support The Pits by making the Pits Logo your Windows 95 Startup Screen Ed Bain NASCAR 2 graphics that can be used for Startup and Wallpaper Charles Bornemann a.k.a Chasman
logochanzip Logo Changer Utility for use with the above graphics Change your Win95 theme to NASCAR Racing 2. Contains cursors, icons, sounds and wallpaper from the game. Requires MicroSoft Plus! Brian Fox
n2theme.exe Great Windows 95 NASCAR Racing 2 theme. Includes a screen saver, cursors, wallpaper, icons and more. Alex Santantonio This is Ted's NASCAR 2 theme. There were things in both of the above themes that I liked, but neither one totally satisfied me. I created some stuff of my own, and this is the result. I have also added instructions on how you can create your themes. Sorry!! I'm not quite done yet. Once it is I'll make sure to note it. Ted D. Scurlock Use this Free theme software if you don't have Microsoft Plus! for the above themes. I'm using it and it works  
NASCAR 2 Start Button (Win95) Changes the Win95 Start button to have the NASCAR 2 logo instead of the Win95 flag.. Steve Staser

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