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The Top Reasons Why People Don't Like Jeff Gordon

This Weeks Top Reason Is this...

I hate hime for his actions at Michigan Speedway

during Saturday's morning practice. I drove ten hours to Michigan to watch

the race and my favorite drivers (Jeff Burton and Dick Trickle). What does

puke boy do? Wreck in practice and take out Burton and Trickle. On top of

that, Jeff Burton was injured and could not race 100% at the only race I get

to see him at each year. It really sucked seeing Jeff Burton hauled out on a

stretcher to an ambulance. That put a damper on the whole weekend! Thanks

alot, wonder woman! I hate you.

The only good thing about Gordo during last weekend was the crowd's reaction

to him. The boos were deafening when they pushed his car out for qualifying

and a chant of "Gordon Sucks" echoed throughout the stands. (Robby was not

there!) We were in the pits and gave Ray Evernham an earfull when he walked

by and he was noticably annoyed!!

For his antics last weekend at Michigan, I HATE JEFF GORDON (always have,

always will!)

Keep the reasons coming...

Past winners of
N.F.A.J.G's #1 Reason for not liking Jeff Award

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