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Last Updated on
25/06/97 12:20:23 PM

All I ask Is that If you, a NASCAR fan, don't like The #24 Then support NFAJG by Joining and/or placing this...

I Support NFAJG!


or this...

I Support NFAJG


Anywhere on your Website...

The NFAJG now has over 180 members!
Join Here!!
with the subject "Join NFAJG"
include Name, Fav driver , how you heard of us and URL if you have one.

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Enter your Jeff Gordon Comments Below
Don't be too mean...hehe

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If you know of any pics of #24 smashed up let me know...Send 'em over! These are the ones I have...

People Hate Jeff Gordon
(Since 05/21/97)

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Click here to see what WC races Jeff Gordon has won this year.

This is the FUNNIEST Picture of Gordon I've ever seen!!!

Submit your #1 reason why you dont like Gordon here
(mail with subject "why no 24" I'll post the best one each week)

This weeks #1 reason for NOT liking Gordon
for the week of 06/23/97

Each Week I will post the best reason why you dislike Gordon...submit your reason today! (you can be creative)

This Page Broke 2000hits on 06/20/97 (1 month)

We are not alone in our stand against Gordon... another group the UAG (United Against Gordon) is also out there...
please help out there case and visit there site.

Purpose: To show the NASCAR world that not EVERYbody likes Jeff Gordon, and thinks he's the best etc, etc
There are people out there who think he cheats, or just plain don't like him. If you're one of these people this is for you!

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